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Sustainable culture and craft are key to design.


Brendon Gregory Fraser

I recently graduated in Sustainable and Heritage architecture at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada's capital city. During my time in university, I study heritage conservation, sustainable design, Nordic design and photography, all of which I hope to keep learning about and explore. I have done case studies on many notable architects, analyzing the works of Ron Thom, Alvar Aalto, Sverre Fehn and Ralph Erskine. The architect I most look up to is Ralph Erskine.

In my spare time, I study languages, focusing currently on Norwegian and Finnish. I can speak Norwegian and Esperanto casually with friends, and this joy with language can often be seen in my works. I also do photography often for myself and friends, which grabbed the attention of the Canadian Nordic Society, where my photos of their events with the Nordic embassies were used for their social media and newsletters.

As a man with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I always bring new ideas to any work I perform, experimenting and exploring until a final form emerges. For architecture, this has manifested in a focus on social interaction, colour, light and wooden design, all themes I find too often neglected in modern design. For photography, this is a focus on movement and composition.

My goal in all of my designs are to nurture the human experience and create spaces that are sustainable by all means - For human interaction, for individuals and for the environment around it.



Some selected accolades


LEED Green Associate Certified

Councillor of Canadian Nordic Society 2017-2018

Photographer for events for the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Embassies

YAC Architectural Competition Contestant (2017-2018)

CCA Interuniversity Charette Contestant (2018)