Brendon Fraser's Personal Portfolio - Brendon Frasers Personlige Portefølje

Logo Design




Proposed Canadian Nordic Society Logo

A design created for the Canadian Nordic Society to update the old logo and bring a more modern look to the group, bringing inspiration from Sami drawings (a reindeer-herding group of people native to the north of the Nordic countries). Crosses sprout for each nation in the society, bounded by a yellow band, representing the long Nordic sun and a band of cooperation between all nations. A stylized maple leaf is used as roots for the nations, as all members now connect to Canada. Colours used were all designed in collaboration with Karma Ääpälä, an artist from Joensuu, Finland.


Brendon Fraser's Personal Logo

A personal design for my own works and projects, designed in collaboration with Karma Ääpälä. An F is used to represent my last name, mirrored to create a tree to show my interest in wooden architecture. The orange circle is used to represent my architecture, orange being the colour of creativity and youth. Blue is used to represent my photography work, blue representing theory and intellect. Green is used to represent my cooking and brewing, with green also showing vitality and growth.