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Muriel was a submission I did with Karma Ääpälä, a Finnish artist and student at the University of Eastern Finland, for the 2018 CCA Interuniversity Charette that lasted for three days, from Thursday evening to Monday morning. The theme of the charette was to create a modular unit, 1m cubed, that could be repeated over and over to create a new home. No setting was provided, so the setting we chose to do was for flood relief projects in Chile, where nothing is typically left from the floods and earthquakes. Due to time constraints, we decided to hand draft our entire project in order to quickly show it to the other person, alter it, choose which design to pursue and execute it rapidly. The main focus of our panels were on clarity and precision,

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The MURIEL unit was designed around the ideas of mutations of a cell, with one unit being fitted with numerous ways to create a part of a home. The unit was designed to create a wall (either wooden with insulation and shingles or formwork for concrete), a floor with a table, roof support beam or plain (wooden or concrete options available), or a ceiling. These were simply the intended uses of the unit however and every part is designed to be removable if needed.

We also asked if we could create modular furniture for the units, which the CCA said yes to. This was to addition to the project, but one we felt was worthy at being looked at, albeit in hindsight, was a bit ambitious for this project. Nevertheless, we decided to design modular furniture as well which interacted with the first unit. These units were 0.5m cubed and still held the same principles as the first unit.


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