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The Box - Ralph Erskine's Tiny Home

 Ralph Erskine’s The Box

Ralph Erskine is a Scottish-Swedish architect and personal idol of mine, focusing his career on social infrastructure and housing. When himself, his wife and their two daughters first moved to Sweden, he designed and built (1941) a small home for them on a nearby farm, where they lived for 4 years. The house has been demolished now, with a replica now standing in Lovön, Sweden. The replica was built with Erskine’s participation in 1989 and donated to the Stockholm County Museum.


Online, very little is available of the house, with the above drawing being the only drawing by Erskine, along with photos of the replica by Holger Ellgaard and Arvid Rudling. As a fan of Erskine, I wanted to create a 3D Model and more drawings in order to understand Erskine more, but also so others can have access to more info and understand the home more. I am also sending these drawings to the Stockholm County Museum.

Rough Models

The model was created in Google Sketchup, rendered with Vray and Adobe Photoshop and all line drawings were made in Rhino and Adobe Illustrator.

ZFirst Render.png

Plans & Elevations

Elevations & Axo-01.jpg
Elevations & Axo-02.jpg
Artboard 5.jpg
Artboard 1.png


Day Living Room.jpg
Night Living Room.jpg

If you wish to use the model yourself, please contact me at Fraserb15(at) and I would be happy to share it with you.